As we age, we tend to lose muscle power at a much greater rate than we lose strength.

Remember, there are different muscle fibers in the body with specific roles. Type I fibers are slow-twitch and aerobic. Type II fibers are fast-twitch and anaerobic. And then, there are the hybrids, a little fast and a little slow (a little aerobic and anaerobic).

The body has an incredible ability to adapt… as long as you give it a stimulus. In this case, the stimulus is doing something faster and slightly more explosive than you normally would. Muscle power is a real asset in all aspects of life. A good example is when you are walking on the sidewalk and you trip…. your balance keeps you standing, but in order to quickly pull your leg up in front of you to land on, you need muscle power.

Here are 3 easy was to train your muscle power more effectively… 

• Try the 2-min video above from the FastFit workout that guides you through quick-on-your feet moves.

• Grab a chair, and quickly sit and stand up…repeat for 30 seconds.

• On a set of stairs, pick up your cadence. Start with a succession of three steps. Pick up your cadence, and quickly bound up 3 steps.  If you feel off-balance, use the handrail.

Also…I n a recent conversation with Dr. Wayne Westcott, we discuss the most efficient way to strength train…. LISTEN HERE 

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