MYTHS About Strength Training

Strong is the new skinny!

After the age of about 30, women lose 5 pounds of muscle every 10 years. Then once menopause hits, that loss in muscle doubles, which causes the metabolism to drop 3% every decade.  The end result can be scary…weak muscles, weight gain, and brittle bones.

It’s time to forget the idea that those pesky pounds are stuck right where they are.

The good news is that even though shedding unwanted weight may seem difficult as you age, lifting weights can help you lose inches in record time.

And if you thought lifting weights was just for men, think again. In the 2015 CrossFit Games open, there were more than 87,000 women participants, and 25% of those women were over 40! 🙂

It may sound like an oxymoron, but when you strength train you not only tone your tush and tighten your core, you also shed pounds. Strength training helps you create a lean, mean metabolism-boosting machine, so you burn more fat, more easily, in less time.

Remember…the optimal way to stay strong and healthy is to prevent muscle loss before it begins to happen. But, it’s never too late to undo the damage.

So if you have any misconceptions about strength training that are preventing you from reaping all these benefits, let’s nip that in the bud right now. Time to bust a few myths of strength training….

MYTH 1. You must have weights

Dumbbells are the classic weights that are used in weight loss strength training and you’ll see me use them in my workouts, but you have plenty of other options, too. Kettlebells and resistance tubes can both be part of a fabulous weight-loss workout.

Remember, your body weight is all you need for some of the most effective strength training moves there are…pushups, planks, or wall sits. By supporting your own body weight, you create natural resistance, which forces your muscles to engage deeper and the result is a firm, toned body that burns fuel more efficiently.

MYTH 2. Concentrate on one move at a time

For more effective results, it’s better to work multiple muscle groups simultaneously, sometimes called combination or functional movements. Working with kettlebells, for example, allows you to incorporate full-body moves that not only save time and burn calories more efficiently, but they also tone the shoulders, arms, abs, buns, and legs….at the same time! Functional movements also help you keep your heart rate up during a strength training workout to burn fat while you tone.

MYTH 3. It’s all about lifting

Actually, that’s only half the battle. Strength training involves BOTH lifting (the concentric movement that happens when muscles shorten and contract) AND lowering (the eccentric movement that happens when muscles lengthen). When done properly, it’s the lowering motion that provides resistance training.

So on your next set of bicep curls, don’t cheat yourself by putting all the effort in the curl up and then dropping the weights back down; slowly lower back to the starting position, so that you feel the tension throughout the entire movement.

MYTH 4. You’re going to get big and bulky

No worries here. Women just don’t have enough testosterone to develop a bodybuilder’s physique. Most of the bulked up folks you see at the gym are spending hours lifting heavy weights and following a specific regimen of supplements.

For the rest of us, strength training with moderate weights, will help you create tight, feminine curves. The trick is to not rest for long periods of time in-between each of your sets. The shorter your rest periods, the more calories you can crush!

MYTH 5. Muscles grow while you’re working out

Have you heard of “tear and repair”? Believe it or not, muscle change takes place after exercising. During a workout you’re trying to push your muscles to the point that actual microscopic tears occur (don’t worry – your body appreciates the process, I promise!). When your body repairs the tears, the muscle is stronger than before. That’s why it’s important to limit strength training to every other day and to provide your body with nutritious fuel, so it has everything it needs for healthy recovery.

MYTH 6. Strength training is only for the young

Who said there’s an age limit to improving muscle tone? We lose muscle mass as we age, so staying strong becomes even MORE important with every single year.

Sure, a sculpted upper body looks great in short sleeves or a bathing suit, but don’t forget those muscles do more than look good. They also help with everyday activities, like carrying groceries, twisting lids off jars, and picking up little ones. And the benefits don’t stop there; strength training also can burn fat, lower blood pressure,  increase brain function, reduce stress, improve balance, and prevent osteoporosis and bone fractures.

Studies show that when sedentary older adults began a program combining regular aerobic activity with strength training, their cognitive function ranked significantly higher than those who just performed aerobic exercises.

Other research shows that adults who completed a 10-week strength training program experienced more tranquility and revitalization, and less depression and anxiety.

You deserve a strong and lean body that makes you feel empowered, confident, and energized…So start lifting weights to lose weight today!

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