What’s The Difference

Between Marijuana and Hemp?

CBD is popping up nearly everywhere… it’s in oils, lotion, toothpaste, bath bombs, shampoo, and even ice cream. It’s definitely moved from the experimental fringes…. To now it’s mainstream and can be purchased just about anywhere. 

Let’s dive into how is CBD different than THC, and how hemp is different than marijuana. Here’s a little background… if you look at the cannabis family, you have two parts of the plant… marijuana or hemp.  Typically, cannabis has been looked at as a means of getting high. People were more concerned about the recreational use of marijuana for the psychoactive benefit (in other words, the intoxicating effect of  the plant) until recently when major headlines were made about the medicinal healing impact of the cannabis plant. 

THC is the part of the marijuana plant that gives you that buzz. CBD is short for cannabidiol, an abundant chemical in the cannabis plant. CBD is promoted as a way to increase focus, reduce inflammation, decrease anxiety and stress…especially in the evening, and improve the quality of your sleep. But unlike THC, CBD is known for having all the medicinal benefits without the high.

Science is inching forward discovering new properties of CBD, but there might be a point where the CBD craze has moved beyond the science.

Today’s podcast guest, naturopathic doctor Michelle Gallagherdelves into the science, the safety, and the benefits of CBD…. LISTEN HERE! 

With her hundreds of thousands of followers, she’s helping to set the record straight on a subject that can be a bit complicated.  So get ready for CBD 101 the beginners course.