40-Minute Power Walk


Outdoor walking is not only beneficial for the physical effects, but for its mood-lifting properties.

With the heel-toe-push technique, you can take your walks to the next level… It’s called the heel-toe-push, and it’s a glute activator.

To perform the heel-toe-push, step forward with your right leg, plant your heel, and roll through your foot. At the end of your stride, squeeze your glutes (butt) as you push off of the leg. This simple action will activate your glutes on every step of the walk. Remember, push forward…. not upward!

Here’s another powerful benefit of walking… Harvard researchers discovered that when participants walked about an hour a day, the effects of their weight-promoting genes were cut in HALF.

It’s been so inspiring to see the success people have had with my walking programs…including Ellen who lost more than 150 pounds by integrating walking into her routine.

Ready to get out and walk today? Try this free 40-minute indoor/outdoor “Power Walk” audio that keeps you on tempo, and short interval bursts help you reach your fat-burning goals. This is a sample of what you’ll receive in the LeanWalk Program below.

Join Me For a

Walking is an almost effortless exercise that seems to be a wonder drug. LeanWalk is a 6-week walking program that’s incredibly simple, astonishingly powerful. Study after study proves that tying up your laces for even a few minutes a day can transform your body, mind, and health. You’ll experience a whole new level of weight loss and an amazing energy boost. 

The program includes 5 audio workouts… perfect for your outdoor walk or treadmill workout. Also included is 1 walking video so you can walk in place in your living room and add some weights to your workout. 

 And, you can keep the walking audios on your phone forever! They do not expire after 6 weeks!


Each week adjusts either the duration or intensity. By changing what you ask your body to do, this program challenges you so you can keep making fitness progress.

✅ WEEK 1 – Build the foundation by developing proper walking techniques. 
✅ WEEK 2 – Enhance stamina and endurance 
✅ WEEK 3 – Burn more calories with short interval bursts
✅ WEEK 4 – Challenge the intensity with longer intervals
✅ WEEK 5 – Add resistance training to the end of the walk
✅ WEEK 6 – Prepare to walk for life with intervals that are closer together

Take your walk to the next level. LeanWalk is perfect to get ready for summer!