Green Tea Collagen Latte

It sounds simple, but to look younger for longer, the key is to make younger choices throughout the day, consistently. 

One of my favorite age-defying tips is to drink a Green Tea Collagen Latte. This recipe is from my friend Dr. Sara Gottfried’s New York Times Best-Selling book, Younger

This recipe is your morning caffeine intake… with a twist. It helps you restore lost collagen, which helps your skin stay smooth and glowing. 

As a bonus, it’s dairy-free!

Why collagen? 

In your 20s, your body produces less collagen. Eating a healthy diet, including plenty of exercise and including collagen-rich foods (such as cashews, berries, citrus fruits) are a few ways to help maintain your collagen levels. In addition, adding an ingestible collagen into your routine helps keep your body well-oiled.

Collagen is a hot supplement right now. But remember…  the type of collagen you choose matters.

That’s why I researched and found a multi-ingredient formula to supplement active collagen and supply your body with additional nutrients that encourage increased production of endogenous collagen…. check out the KS Wellness Collagen Beauty Drink below!

The combination of collagen, hyaluronic acid and biotin support healthy skin, hair and nails to enhance your natural glow. 

Green Tea Collagen Latte

1 cup unsweetened coconut almond milk {or coconut milk}
½ tsp matcha green tea powder
1 TBS raw honey
1 scoop collagen… check out the KS Wellness Collagen Beauty Drink!
1 scoop vanilla protein powder…check out the KS Wellness Shake!

Place all ingredients in your blender.  Blend starting on low speed and increasing to high for 2-3 minutes or until the mixture is warm.