What would you trade for flatter abs? Before you offer up your favorite possession, let me tell you that flatter abs really only requires a small slice of your day and you can see results in as little as 7 days!

Women ages 45-64 can experience a unique kind of tummy trouble. Extra flab often develops around the midsection due to the huge drop in estrogen that occurs during menopause. But getting rid of belly fat isn’t just about vanity — the extra weight around your tummy triggers greater amounts of inflammation, putting your body at an increased risk for heart disease and diabetes.

But the good news is that no matter what your age, if you’re willing to trade just a little time each day, you can tone your abs for summer.

For flatter abs in 7 days, just complete the 5-minute core routine above followed with a 30-minute interval-training walk, such as one of the Slim Walk exercises!

This will soon become your new power-toning workout! You don’t want to miss it.

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