Flat Abs FAST! NEW 3-Minute Crunch-Free Abs Clip

Today, try a little family contest. When the gang’s all together and looking for something to do, slide the coffee table aside, move into plank position and see who can hold it the longest! Winner gets to avoid dish duty.

If you’re up for an advanced challenge, check out today’s blog, where you’ll find a 3-minute ab workout from my new DVD, FastFit. After you finish, your core will be feeling merry & TIGHT!

This exclusive video is from my brand new 50-min DVD, FastFit! The complete workout is divided into five 10-min segments designed to integrate multiple muscle groups in one exercise. Integration is a results-driven and timesaving technique used by the world’s top fitness professionals to boost metabolism and burns more calories in less time!

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Five 10-minute workouts designed to give you a flatter, firmer figure in the fastest possible time.



Let’s face it…life is busier than never before! That’s why I developed the FastFit approach to working out. My FastFit DVD includes five 10-minute workouts designed to give you maximum results in minimum time. Do these routines individually, or combine them for an incredible 50-minute calorie-blasting workout. No matter how much time you have, it all counts and it all adds up to incredible results.

Body Basics – 10 mins

Lays the foundation with simple strengthening exercises that target your abs, legs, buns and arms with effective moves that give you a toned and sexy body.

Total Body Toner – 10 mins

Target your arms, legs, glues and core with modifications to suite your needs and experience level.

Fat Burning Blast – 10 mins

This easy-to-follow routine will get your heart pumping and is designed to give you maximum fat-burning results in minimum time.

Miracle Abs – 10 mins

Trim, tone and tighten your abdominals like never before using the latest techniques to target belly fat and banish the bulge.

Stretch and Flex – 10 mins

Refresh and recharge with this total-energy segment. You’ll wake up your body and de-stress your life.