My Favorite Workout for Flat Abs

When it comes to abs, the older we get, the harder it is to keep your stomach flat. Many of us have the “pooch,” “love handles,” and the dreaded “muffin top.” But don’t worry. Uncovering your beautiful tummy is easier than you think. It incorporates working three muscle groups: the Rectus Abdominis, the Obliques, and the Transverse Abdominus.

Working these series of muscles are the three keys to a trimmer tummy and I will show you just how to incorporate this into your routine so you will never hear “muffin top” again!

1) The Rectus Abdominis

The what?
These muscles run from the rib-cage to the hips, and is most commonly known as the
“six pack” – or, at least, where a six pack can be created.

How do I work it?
You work this area using the classic crunch, or any movement that brings the shoulderscloser to the hips. It also includes moving your hips upward toward the shoulders. That’s where strengthening the lower part of the rectus (or those bottom two “cans”) come in. Try my Belly Boot Camp for everything you need to get flat abs and a strong core.

2) The Obliques

The what?
At their best, the obliques are the muscles running diagonally across your body that create the waistline, or that hourglass shape. At their worst, the obliques are, well, love handles

How do I work it?
The obliques are your twisting muscles. Any movement that has you rotating your midsection from side-to-side targets this area, from bicycle crunches to boxing.

Kettlebell training is ideal for total body workouts especially the oblique area, because of the constant rotating, twisting, and reaching. My Kettlebell Solution offers a series of unique and easy-to-master moves that will whittle your waistline and burn fat all over.
Try my Kettlebell Solution for strong, lean and flexible muscles!

3) The Transverse Abdominus

The what?
Think of it as the layer or sheath running across your belly. It’s perhaps the most overlooked area in abdominal training, but also one of the most important because the transverse muscles are the ones with the ability to truly flatten your belly. When you cough, or when you “suck in” to squeeze into a tight pair of jeans, you’re using the transverse. Strengthening this area won’t just make you look instantly thinner – but it also serves as a stabilizer, improving your posture and protecting you from back injury.

How do I work it?
Anytime you’re in a plank or push-up position, and you’re attempting to keep your hips stable (rather than letting them sag or pop up in the air), you’re engaging the transverse.

Pilates is one of the best ways to develop strong, belly-flattening transverse muscles. My Peel-Off-The-Pounds Pilates DVD is the perfect way to target and tighten that core.

It’s as simple as “A-B-S”

With a little work, discovering your trimmer tummy within is really as simple as A-B-S. Watch my videos and buy my DVDs to get started on the best ab workout. You’ll look better, feel better and walk around knowing that underneath your clothes you’ve got a flat stomach!

Make it happen!
Kathy Smith

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