Today’s Affirmation:
As my life unfolds, I must allow the creases
in my soul to soften. Those parts of me that
have been tucked away are ready to expand into wholeness.
There is pure joy and freedom in my unfolding.
– Destination Satori

Of all traditional systems of fitness, none is more directly concerned with improving the limberness of the body than yoga. Yoga recognizes that flexibility is one attribute you really can improve—and continue to improve throughout your life.

In addition to building flexibility, yoga conveys many other benefits also conducive to longevity, as well as to appearance. Yoga tones and strengthens muscle, improves balance, and heightens your sensitivity to your body as a whole. With its emphasis on the breath, yoga can be both energizing and calming. In addition, it teaches you to focus on the moment-to-moment experience of being in your body.

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