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Includes three of Kathy Smith's most effective workouts. Provides all the benefits of yoga and lower-body firming to reshape your body into one that is toned and lean. Also increases flexibility and balance.

NEW YOGA – (1994) A simple and easy workout developed with renowned yoga master Rod Stryker. Improves muscle tone, flexibility, balance and reduces stress. This routine offers 30 minutes of standing poses designed to strengthen and tone, 15 minutes of floor and finishing poses to further shape and contour while improving mobility of the spine and hips, and several breathing techniques to promote deep relaxation and calm.

NEW YOGA CHALLENGE – (1995) Designed as an intermediate to advanced yoga routine with the benefits of a full body aerobic workout. Yoga master Rod Stryker joins Kathy in the dynamic workout for improved strength, stamina and flexibility.

FUNCTIONALLY FIT LOWER BODY FIRMING – (1996) Two powerful 10-minute routines to shape and tone hips, buns and legs. Each workout has modifiers to guide you through all fitness levels; you can do these routines separately or together. Includes warm-up and cool-down routines.