1 Dynamite move for arms!

Strong shoulders, toned arms, and a well-lifted, open chest—these are the physical benefits of training the upper body. At the same time, these physical changes signal an emotional attitude of strength, and openness to the world and to new experiences. Most of us carry our tension and anxiety in our neck and shoulders. It’s time to release the pressure, relax, and enjoy the upper-body loosening and core tightening move in today’s blog.

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Table Pose


Movement Focus: Stillness; back body moving into front body.

Time: Thirty seconds.

  1. Start from a sitting position.
  2. Place your feet an inch and a half in front of your sitbones.
  3. Place your palms five or six inches behind your sitbones, shoulder distance apart, with your fingertips pointing toward your feet.
  4. Exhale and lift your pelvis, bringing your whole spine parallel to the floor; draw your tailbone into your body as your inner thighs roll down toward the floor.
  5. Make the front of your body flat like a table.

Advanced modification(eight reps): From Table Pose, exhale as you curl your pubic bone toward your navel and swing your hips through your inner arms, keeping your sitbones lifted away from the floor. Repeat eight times.

Beginning modification (low wrist strain):Make a fist and press down through the flat area between your first and second knuckles.