Why You NEED A Gym-Free Weekend


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This summer, I was back in in sunny Boulder, CO for a family wedding. While I was there, I stopped by the Farmer’s Market to sample all the locally-made products, from my favorite Bhakti Chai to fresh produce, from olive oil to honey. To my surprise, there was a hula hooping demonstration in a grassy area…I couldn’t resist joining!

Even just taking these 5 minutes for playful time boosted my energy and burned a few spare calories. So whether it’s hula hooping or tricep tips on a park bench, this weekend, it’s YOUR turn to create fun, care-free ways to take your family or friends and have a blast while burning calories WITHOUT a gym.

Here are 6 fun, creative and playful ways to have a gym-free weekend while still burning calories:

    1. Some see monkey bars, I see an arm toner
      Instead of lateral raises with dumbbells, try hanging from the monkey bars at the park for 30 seconds. It sounds deceptively simple…but don’t be fooled! Give it a try to see how long you can hang.
    2. Some see a curb, I see a calf-definer
      Wherever there’s a sidewalk curb, try this 1-minute calf-definer:
      – Start by standing on one leg on a  curb, with your heel hanging off the back. Gently press your heel toward the ground until you feel a gentle pull along the back of your lower leg. Now, lift and lower for 15 repetitions and switch legs.
    3. Some see a park bench, I see a tricep tightener
      Sitting on the edge of a bench, place your hands palms down, next to your legs, with your fingers cupping the bench. Lift your hips off the bench, and slide them forward (slightly in front of the bench). Now, bend your elbows, keeping your arms close to your body, and lower your hips 3-6″ toward the ground, depending on your strength. Make sure you keep your back close to the bench! Press back up to the starting position and repeat for 15 reps.
    4. Some see a wall, I see a way to have leaner legs
      Support yourself with your back against the wall and your legs and hips at 90 degree angles. Hold the position for 30 seconds. As you get stronger, lift one leg and add more time to the hold. My goal is 2 minutes.
    5. Some see a dish towel, I see an inner-thigh lifter
      While stranding on a hard surface, place a dish towel under one foot (either with shoes or barefoot…no socks!). Slide your foot out to the side as you bend your knee to a lunge. Return that leg back to the starting position. You can control how much resistance you have by how you distribute your weight between your right and left leg. The more weight you keep on the leg with the towel, the more resistance, and the harder it is!
    6. Some see a rock, I see a total body strengthener
      Whenever you have a chance to strike a balance pose, it not only helps your posture and core, but it also helps boost your energy and confidence!