3 Refreshing Weight Loss Facts

Losing weight can feel overwhelming. So if you’re dreading the thought of shedding a few pounds for the holidays, I have amazing news for you! Slipping into your smaller jeans doesn’t have to be intimidating, as long as you remember the 3 refreshing weight loss facts below This is seriously a must-read….it will give you a sigh of relief 🙂

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1. Small changes add up to make a big difference over time.

top-of-kilimanjaroAnything worth accomplishing takes time, patience, and incremental effort, especially when the goal is a profound one. The thought of losing weight can be overwhelming. You are not sure how long the process will take, and you worry that you will not succeed. This is when it is important to think progress, not perfection.

Always remember that all the little shifts you make will add up to large changes overall. This process does not happen overnight. Your success will be cumulative.

A few years ago, I hiked Mount Kilimanjaro. The thought of reaching the top was both incredibly motivating and a bit daunting. But no one climbs a mountain in one giant leap. I kept my focus on putting one foot in front of the other. All those little steps add up! As long as you move forward—even by a few inches—you will get where you are going eventually.

Weight loss tip:


For a small change that can make a large impact on your day, try recalibrate every morning with a Lemon Ginger Tea. When you make a good breakfast choice in the morning, you’re more likely to make good eating choices in the afternoon. And with Fall upon us, I enjoy waking up and sipping on a warm tea. It flushes the system and wakes me up for the day. Click here to see the recipe.

2. If the scale says you gained a pound, it’s completely normal.

If your scale says that you’ve gained a pound or two, that’s normal. Everybody’s body weight fluctuates up to three pounds daily, so don’t be terrified. Some of the initial weight loss can be attributed to water loss. That is OK.Eventually you will lose real weight in terms of real fat.

It;s important to realize that water levels in the body may fluctuate as you change your eating habits and increase your activity level. Not only do fat cells need water to convert fat to usable forms of energy, but your muscles also need water to perform. When you increase your physical activity, your muscles will store more glycogen with water to meet the demands you place on them. Likewise, your bloodstream will carry more water, increasing the amount of blood traveling through your system to deliver much-needed oxygen to muscles. All of this action means a higher capacity to burn calories and shrink fat.

Weight loss tip:

If you’ve gained weight, try this hydrating tip….drink half your weight in oz of water. For example, a 120 lb woman would drink 60 oz of water the next day. Being properly hydrated will improve your digestion, which is key for beating the bloat. It may seem counterintuitive, but drinking plenty of water actually helps you lose water weight, by helping your cells to release extra sodium and flush it out of your system.

3. You can have your dessert and eat it too!

black-bean-browniesThere is a time and place for sneaking in a sugary indulgence, even when you’re on a diet. After all, sweets can satisfy us in ways nothing else can. The problem with most sweets is they tend to be high in saturated fat and made with refined sugar that we are physically programmed to crave more of after a small bite. You know the experience. You say you will have just one cookie and then it becomes difficult to abstain from the next one and then the next one.

Weight loss tip:

Here’s a simple way to satisfy your sweet tooth without blowing your calorimeter and overdosing on too much sugar:

  • 1 Fudgy black bean protein brownie (recipe here) – Always a hit at parties. Who knew that black beans could be such a hit at a party? And from such a hit of protein from the beans and eggs, you won’t get the blood sugar spike!
  • 1/4 C frozen berries with 1/2 C nonfat plain Greek or Icelandic yogurt. Shave 1/4 oz dark chocolate on top!
  •  1 oz dark chocolate (Tip: Go for chocolate that has 60% or more cocoa. It’s higher in healthful antioxidants)
  • 15 frozen dark cherries
  • 8 banana slices (cut 1/4″ thick) with peanut butter
  • 1/2 mango and 2 oz low0fat cottage cheese