3 Creative Ways To Transform Your Workout Results …Without Going To The Gym!

If you’re going to succeed at any workout program, you need to get creative in finding ways to boost your burn. And, getting into the same exercise routine day in and day out won’t give you results you want. But the truth is, it happens to a lot of us…especially around this time of year. A few weeks ago, you probably threw yourself into a diet and exercise program, only to burn out and lose motivation all too quickly. After a few weeks of noticeable changes, all of those exciting results seemed to have slowed down – and with them, your motivation. Not exactly what you had in mind when starting setting those new fitness and weight loss goals!

Here’s the great news…by adding a spark to your routine, you can glide right over any weight loss plateaus. So if you’re experiencing slow weight loss results, or are simply looking for a way to shake up your calorie burn, these three tricks are scientifically-proven to amp up your results. And the best part is, they don’t require you spending any extra time in the gym. In fact, they don’t require a gym at all.


Early-bird workouts aren’t for the faint of heart! But, research is showing that lacing up your shoes later in the evening may spike your results. The small study showed that post-menopausal women who walked at early-evening hours lost more fat than morning exercisers. If it’s too chilly to walk outside, try this 5-min indoor walking video from my Top 3 Evening Workouts Kit


Working out with friends at the gym is an excellent motivator. But, having a furry canine workout buddy may be a greater workout motivation. A study showed that dog owners who regularly walked their pet were more likely to achieve the recommended weekly exercise guideline (150 minutes of moderate-intensity workouts). And as a bonus, they also found a 28% increase in speed over 12 weeks.


You probably know by know that green tea is my guilt-free pleasure. It not only spikes your energy, but a study from the Journal of Applied Physiology found that when participants drank caffeine 90-minutes before a workout, and 30 mins after a stationary bike workout, they not only enjoyed their exercise routine more, but they also found their bike ride easier than when they weren’t caffeine-stimulated. And, the results went beyond their workout…they also consumed around 170 fewer calories at their next meal.

If green tea simply isn’t your favorite drink, try looking for creative ways to infuse it into your diet. For breakfast, instead of cooking oatmeal in water, use green tea instead. Or, add a dash of green tea powder (also known as matcha) into your vinaigrette and drizzle over your salad. It’s tasty without being overwhelming!

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