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Move out of the mindset that getting fit is a chore! I’ve been practicing the mantra of “love the fit fun” since the ’80s, and I’m a big believer that there’s always a class to fit your mood. And if your mood right now is to feel more joyful, join me in this 5-minute dance cardio to transport you to your happy place and make the most out of the next five minutes! Want to have double the fun? Try it with a friend.

Recently, Kate Upton found a fun move from one of my throwback workouts and had an ’80s dance party on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon here. What a giggle!  JOIN THE KATE UPTON DANCE PARTY!

Make 2020 Your Year… Whether You Have 5 or 50 Pounds to Lose!

Whether you have 5 or 50 pounds to lose, you’re not alone. In the private Fit Over 40 Facebook group, there are women of all ages with different weight loss goals, all rallying around each other with support.

Here is what some women are saying about their weight loss goals…

“I’m in the midst of a life change. Right now, I am down 56 pounds with a goal to lose 75!” – Tamara

“I’m 56 years old, and even losing 5 pounds is difficult. I need help!” – Jenny

“Hello, everyone! My name is Janette, and I’m 56. I find myself with 40 pounds to lose. Kathy Smith’s workouts were a big part of my last loss of 50 pounds. I’m from Massachusetts.” – Janette

All these women (and thousands more!) have joined Fit Over 40 because it’s a free workout program to keep you strong, fit and vibrant in Your 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond! And, it’s more than just workouts. The private Facebook community offers motivation to help push you harder, and gives you support along the way.

Results that REAL PEOPLE are Seeing With Fit Over 40

“I’ve lost 8 pounds in 6 days!” – Charlene

“I’m on day 7, and I’m down 5 pounds, sleeping better, huge energy boost, and feeling positive about my health. Loving Fit Over 40!” – Corinne

“My husband complimented me this morning, saying my figure looks better than it ever has…I’m 65!” – Janie

“I lost some weight, gained some muscle, but the best thing is, now I want to add to my workout time and my good diet choices I think I feel too good to ever be ‘bad’ again!” – Jenine

“I’m feeling better, sleeping better, and best of all, I’m getting better mobility in the morning. Feeling very thankful for Kathy Smith. Fit Over 40 has made a big difference in helping me adopt better habits.” – Nancy

“Opening jars on my own, seeing the muscular definition in my legs and arms, feeling the strength of my core when I put my hand to my waist, and my independence from sugar (finally/!) are my new 2019 favorite things. Thank you Kathy, and Fit Over 40!”

“I’m 46 and living in Norway. I love the workouts! You make exercising fun.” – Nina