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Jimmy Fallon ’80s Dance Party

It was a fun surprise to see Jimmy Fallon and Kate Upton and Jimmy Fallon dancing along to some of the greatest workouts from the ’80s, and they featured a few classic moves from my Ultimate Video Workout! What a giggle. Check out the ’80s dance party from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon here…

Even though the outfits are dated, most of the moves have stood the tests of time and are still being used in classes across the country. Why?  Because not only do those classic moves focus on toning your body and cardiovascular system, but they also work on agility, timing, balance, and flexibility. Get your leg warmers ready, and try this 10-minute aerobic routine from Ultimate Video Workout a try…

Blast From The Past! Classic Moves That Never Go Out of Style

Sweating To The ’80s Includes 12 Classic Workouts…

✅Ultimate Video Workout (1984)
✅Body Basics (1985)
✅Winning Workout (1987)
✅Starting Out (1987)
✅Fat Burning Workout (1988)
✅Ultimate Stomach & Thighs (1989)
✅Weight Loss Workout (1990)
✅Instant Workout (1991)
✅March To Fitness (1993)
✅Functionally Fit Peak Fat Burning (1996) 
✅Secrets Of A Great Upper Body (1998)
✅ Secrets Of A Great Lower Body  (1998)

All 12 Workouts For Only $29.99