The Power of 


Step 1… Breathe in sunshine
Step 2…. Let the laughter begin!

One of my favorite ways to spark joy is to head into the snowy outdoors and go butt sledding… hike up a mountain, and then sled all the way down, laughing all the way!

Before the sledding comes the hike up the hill! On the ascent, I focus on nasal breathing. This specific breathing pattern of “in through the nose, out through the nose,” helps release more nitric oxide (NO) from your nose. NO is a vasodilator, which means it helps to widen blood vessels. This can help improve oxygen circulation.

I feel invigorated and enlivened when I incorporate nasal breathing into my walks. Now, I’m ready for the fun part… sledding down!

I hope you find something downright fun that’s going to make you laugh today!