NEW Research On How To OPTIMIZE Your Strength Training And BRAIN!

It’s easy to view fitness as a collection of individual traits…strength, flexibility, and endurance. Each of these functions can be measured individually, based off of the weight of your dumbbells, the miles on the treadmill, or the fluidity of your yoga sequence.

But there’s often a glaring error that’s missed.

What use are your strength, endurance, or flexibility skills if you don’t have the balance and coordination to walk, run, or do a tree pose?

I know what you’re thinking…”I don’t have time to add in a balance routine on top of my interval workouts, strength training routines, and yoga classes.” The good news — you don’t have to fit in any extra time at all.

In fact, science is proving that integrating balance into your other routines has a greater benefit than doing a balance routine on its own. That’s right…for optimal impact, add balance into your strength training workouts.

It all comes down to the brain.

When you add balance to another activity, such as strength training, it increases the amount of coordination involved, which physically rewires your brain in ways that are completely different than could be done by strength training alone.

By combining balance to your strength training routine, you’re not only simultaneously improving your balance and toning your body, you’re also enhancing your cognitive performance.

The part that I find most fascinating is the science behind training your body and training your brain. These brain enhancements occur differently, depending on the type of exercise. Strength training and cardio trigger brain chemicals that enhance neuron growth and survival. On the other hand, balance and coordination call on higher-level cognitive processes that seem to increase the number of synapses connecting the neurons.

But don’t let all the science scare you. Today, I’ll show you a 2-min video from my Lift Weights To Lose Weight 30-day Program that will show you exactly how to add balance to your weight training routine!


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