The Adult Way To Strength Train

Envision the possibilities of being stronger. You could hike to the peak of a mountain, speed up your 5k time, carry heavy groceries, and easily lift your luggage while en-route to your dream vacation.

Getting older doesn’t mean putting these activities on hold! In fact, by strength training regularly as you age, you can stay active, fit, independent, and embrace life to the fullest!

Think strength training is just for men? Think again. Women today are running corporations, going into space, supporting families, sitting on the Supreme Court—we’ve proven our capabilities again and again. For us to shrink from the idea of lifting weights is simply old-fashioned. It’s time for women of any age to discover that we can be strong without sacrificing feminine traits. Softness and strength can co-exist—and it’s when they do that you have the fullest, richest experience of life.

Today, I’ll show you how the adult way to strength train.

Strength Training Can Prevent Bone Loss

Bone tissue is living, and when you exercise it, you strengthen it, which helps prevent osteoporosis. In our 30’s, bone mass generally reaches its maximum level of growth. Then, in our 40’s, it starts to decline and our bone mass starts gradually decreasing. Strength training saves the day because maintains and can even increase our bone mass as we age.

Strength Training Improves Insulin Sensitivity

Muscle mass correlates with improved insulin sensitivity. This means you have better glucose control so you can handle carbohydrates better throughout the day and reduce your risk for diabetes. Plus, strength training increases the amount of muscle fibers in your body so you can more easily manage your blood sugar levels.

Recuses Risk Of Heart Disease

Strength training allows extra blood to flow through all of your muscles (including your heart) which helps decrease your risk of heart disease while lowering your blood pressure. The American Heart Association recommends strength training as a way to reduce your risk of heart disease because it helps you lose visceral fat (fat around the abdomen that surrounds the body’s internal organs) — the most dangerous type when it comes to cardiovascular health.

Increases Happiness

All of those endorphins that will flow through your body after a strength training session will help elevate your mood while reducing anxiety. Next time you’re feeling stressed, try picking up some weights as a de-stressor!

Boosts Metabolism (And Makes It Easier To Burn Fat)

While we generally associate cardio with weight loss—a 2011 study at Duke University found that cardio alone is the most efficient means of losing weight—, we can’t underestimate the important role that resistance training plays in helping us achieve and maintain a lean physique. The more lean muscle we have on our bodies, the higher our metabolism. 

Makes Life Easier

…And that’s a fact! You need muscle for everyday activities, whether it’s carrying a few bags of groceries, going up a flight of stairs or picking up a child. And as we age, we start to lose muscle mass, a process I call The Great Decline. Starting around age 30, we lose about 1% of our muscle mass every year, and then that loss starts to accelerate in our 40s and 50s and beyond. We start to lose bone density, our energy gets depleted, and we become more prone to chronic illness. The key to reversing the Great Decline is strength training.

How Often To Strength Train

I suggest two ways to add strength training into your routine…Either:

  • Two full-body routines a week (upper body, lower body and corer), or
  • Two upper-body routines a week, and two lower-body routines a week, each on different days.

Be sure to add at least 36 hours between strength workouts for the same body part.

Also, I invite you to join a fun, 30-day Lift Weights To Lose Weight experiment. When you purchase my Lift Weights to Lose Weight kit, I’ll send a 30-day calendar to guide you through exactly what workout to do each day. I urge you to make a pledge to yourself to complete this 30-day strength training introduction, so that you can increase lean muscle mass and protect your bones.

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