Feeling 100 percent alive requires the freely circulating flow of movement and energy and fluids in the body. From the synovial fluid that lubricates our joints, to our spinal fluid, to the water passing through our system and cleansing it of waste products, to lymph fluid and blood—anything that promotes circulation, promotes life.

As we start to get older, though, there’s a definite stiffness that seems to creep into the muscles and joints. It’s gradual; still, every morning, that walk from the bed to the hot shower seems longer, and the body just a little stiffer, than the day before. By limiting our ability to move freely, this stiffness chokes the flow of energy in our body and limits our sense of aliveness. This is not just an age thing: I know scores of women in their thirties who—while they may not be creaky in the joints yet—still exhibit this stiffness and the resulting lack of vitality.

Feeling more alive comes and increasing your vitality comes from a style of movement that allows you to perform a full-body sequence of stretches.  Let the tension melt away in your neck, shoulders and lower back, so that you feel energized!

Take a 6-Minute Stretch

Forget a new outfit…nothing looks better on you than a positive frame of mind and a pocket full of vitality and ample energy! Take a 6-minute break throughout the day to energize your body from head to toe with the video above from my FastFit DVD!