1 Move You Must Try To Get Rid Of Knee Fat

Curtsy Squat With Cross Punch



What it does:

  • There’s nothing old-fashioned about this curtsy! This move takes the glute-and-leg toning, knee-fat blasting action of a squat and adds a core balance challenge, with a cross punch movement that sculpts the shoulders and obliques.

How to do it:

  • Rest dumbbells on your hips as you place your left foot behind you. Instead of stepping directly back, the left foot should move diagonally back, with the back knee bending down directly outside the right foot.
  • Fire up the core muscles as you squat down with the right leg, feeling the emphasis on your right glute (weight placed firmly in the right heel) as the left foot lightly supports you.
  • As you return to standing, bring the left foot forward, landing with a wide stance.
  • Punch the right hand across your body, toward the left wall, allowing your right foot to rotate as your torso twists to the left, engaging your right glute.


  • Remember, it’s best to master the form of the exercise before adding the resistance challenge of dumbbells.


  • Keep the majority of your weight in the front foot, especially the heel, and use the back foot mainly for balance.