Weight Loss Mind Trick To Motivate You


This week, I was the keynote presenter at a business conference for event planners in Banff, Canada…a resort town with a skyline that’s dominated by the peaks of Mt. Rundle and Mt. Cascade. As I took the group on a sunrise hike in the parkland, women were constantly asking me, “How do I stay motivated to workout with my busy work schedule and home life?”

Motivation can be a tricky thing, becase doesn’t just happen by itself. If it did, there’d be no need for halftime pep talks, and the weight loss industry would be out of business! But according to recent research by State University of New York distinguished professor Leonard Epstein, if you “mentally simulate the future” through visualization, you can coach yourself to choices that lead to weight loss.

Motivation comes from the emotional implications of facts. Remember a time when you heard your favorite store was having a sale and you almost immediately visualized that new dress you wanted? Then you imagined how great you’d feel when you wore it. So you dashed out an hour later and bought it

Dr. Epstein’s research showed that when study participants mentally simulated a future where they weighed less whenever they were offered sweets, they were more often able to decline the offer or significantly limit the portion they ate. He calls his technique episodic future thinking (EFT). You basically mentally create a future episode in your life where you’re enjoying the results of weight loss.

To get started, listen to this 10-minute motivating weight loss visualization before your morning shower.

There’s nothing more human than knowing what’s best and still not doing it. But painting a vivid picture in your mind of the future you want can bring you to the brink of action.

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