Walk Off The Belly Fat!

I’ve always loved walking as exercise – on warmer days, it’s a great excuse to get out and enjoy the sunshine, and maybe even catch up with some girlfriends along the way. And of course it’s the ultimate excuse-buster, because it’s free and easy! You can find a variety of downloadable walking audio programs at www.kathysmith.com, complete with upbeat music and simple instructions. The key to a successful walking workout is switching it up: By varying the intensity of your walk, changing speed, going longer distances or finding ways to walk up an incline, you increase your calorie burn and avoid plateauing.

Last month, the New York Times found that a combination aerobic exercise, like walking, and regular resistance training reduced belly fat and improved overall fitness better than any type of exercise on its own.

That’s exactly why today I’ll show you a 4-minute walking audio from my new Slim Walk collection that incorporates both cardio bursts AND weight training sessions.

Although walking is the foundation of this audio workout, it also includes simple but powerful strength training moves that will help you blast away belly fat and walk off the pounds.

Women are using Slim Walk to melt inches off their waists! Mary said, “For the past six months, I’ve used Kathy’s audio walks almost daily, and have seen AMAZING progress. I now have muscle and strength where I had nothing but softness before. And, my metabolism is supercharged!”

All you need is 4 minutes to try today’s Slim Walk audio clip (above). You’ll see why so many people stick with these incredible walking workouts and are getting the results they want, fast! 

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