The Surprising Reason To Cool Down After A Workout

Just because you’ve finished the last lap of your workout doesn’t mean your workout is complete. In fact, what you do after you’re done sweating is vital…and perhaps not for the reason you think.

An Iowa State University study found that exercisers who take the time to cool down after a workout remember their workout as being more enjoyable than exercisers who use a last bit of energy to bolt out of the gym. Who’s more likely to want to workout again – the person who remembers a pleasant activity or the person who was rushing to something else? Of course the answer is the person who took the time to mindfully appreciate her workout accomplishment during a cool down. Whether you’re taking part in a workout class, or exercising on your own, the few minutes spent bringing your heart rate down and stretching your muscles shouldn’t be considered optional. That small time investment pays off big dividends when you start thinking of workouts as something to look forward to.

Try the stretches from one of my favorite cool-downs. You’ll not only feel revitalized, but you’ll improve your range of motion, increase your circulation, and calm your mind. 


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