The #1 Ab Move You’re Not Doing:
Forearm Plank With Swivel




  • This move is a plank with a twist, a core stabilizing exercise that recruits your obliques for rotation.


  1. Start in plank position, but this time, rest on your elbows instead of your hands. Be sure to keep the shoulders depressed back and down and the neck nice and long throughout the movement.
  2. Keeping your abs engaged, slowly swivel the hips underneath you to the right. Feel your obliques driving this motion as you swivel to the other side with a slow, controlled motion.


  • You can modify this movement by resting on your knees instead of full plank position.


  • Keep your feet stacked and move your toes as you rotate. So as you swivel the hips to the side, you’ll rest your weight primarily on the bottom toe, with the top foot resting on top of it.

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