• Start with a basic squat: Stand with legs slightly wider than hip-width apart; lower the hips down into squat position.
  • As you’re squatting down, reach the left hand toward the fl oor and the right hand toward the ceiling. Keep your neck and shoulders relaxed.
  • Press yourself back up to standing and then repeat on the other side: right hand now reaching to the fl oor while the left hand reaches toward the ceiling
  • (a) Master move Add some propulsion. Instead of returning to standing in between each squat, press up into a small jump. Be sure to land with soft knees after each jump. Imagine that the propulsion is being driven not by your feet, legs, or momentum, but by your core. This will help ensure that you maintain safe and proper form while still getting the most out of this—and every—move (b).

TIP Start slowly and gently and keep your core muscles engaged throughout the move. Be sure not to lock the knees, landing softly each time.