6-Min Cardio + Barre Video

Amp up your traditional barre workout by adding a cardio component! Popular studios across the country are beginning to offer cardio + barre classes that target-train muscles and give you the deepest burn you’ve ever felt, while incorporating gradually-paced cardio that leaves your body feeling alive.

And today, I’ve put together my own 6-minute cardio + barre fusion to target those hard-to-reach muscles and sculpt and define the back of your arms, buns and legs. The routine is so fun, that it will be the new reason you’ll want to jump out of bed in the morning.

This is NOT your standard workout! It’s a high energy, no impact routine that combines strength training with continual fat burning. You’ll be amazed how strong and full of vitality you’ll full after this 6-minute video!

Ready to give it a try? Grab a chair, and let’s go!

Barre Gone Wild!
Experience The Full
Cardio + Barre Fusion Effect!


  •  Barre Body Lift – This dance-inspired workout uses a series of small, concentrated movements designed to lift, tighten and sculpt your hard-to-reach muscles.
  • Peel Off The Pounds Pilates –  Slim and trim your entire body by isolating hard-to-reach muscles while infusing cardio to maximize your weight-loss potential and revel a leaner, stronger, healthier body!

Only $16.99!