The TRUTH About 1 Min Of Exercise

How would you feel if you were told that for every minute you exercise you are adding at least seven minutes to your life? That’s probably enough to make you lace up your sneakers! It also raises a lot of questions, especially about quality vs. quantity of life.

Everyone hopes to live a life that is not only long but is filled with quality years. Since the beginning of time, people have searched for the answer to how to live longer, and new studies have shown that the proverbial fountain of youth may be simpler than you think!

The Science of Longevity

Evidence that regular exercise can be translated into actual added minutes of life is an exciting revelation, but what is the science behind it? Data from a recent study was reviewed by leading medical and health experts to find out what it all really means, and their conclusion was striking!

When you break down the numbers, low to moderate exercise has a return on your lifespan of a 1-7 ratio. Meaning one minute of exercise equals seven additional minutes of life! There is also evidence that this number is doubled if the exercise is strenuous. When you consider that federal health guidelines recommend 150 minutes of exercise per week this can add up quickly!

There are several factors to consider when looking at this data, however. There is always the chance of outside influences such as unforeseen accidents affecting your lifespan. And, your lifestyle plays a large role in your lifetime health and longevity. And remember, there’s a point where the 1:7 correlation no longer applies.

Squaring off the Curve

Most of us don’t want to live a few extra years as an unhealthy 95 year old! What it comes down to is that exercising has the potential to stay vital healthy for a longer period of time.

Throughout your lifetime, you follow a curve of growth and aging. While you continue to increase your physical strength through your 20’s, after that there is a gradual decline that happens every decade, and accelerates in your late 40’s and 50’s.

What exercise does is create a midlife extension, not just a life extension. Every minute added onto your lifespan through exercise will help create a plateau stage before you start feeling that downward trend into aging which starts with decreasing muscle mass, bone strength and energy.

What does that mean? It means you can enjoy a greater quality of life for a longer time – and that is something worth exercising for!

By taking care of your mind and body through regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle, you can increase your lifespan in the way that really matters – quality health and greater enjoyment of what life has to offer!