How Exercise Controls Inflammation

It’s time to stop inflammation in its tracks! Many factors play a significant role in increasing body inflammation, including:

  • Poor diet (simple carbohydrates and animal protein)
  • Stress
  • Allergies
  • Lack of sleep (less then 7 hours)
  • Excess weight (especially excess abdominal fat)
  • Physical conditions (postural and joint misalignments)
  • Age
  • Increased inflammation in the brain can negatively affect memory and mood.

Since lack of exercise contributes to inflammation, maintaining regular exercise routine is an – excuse the pun – no-brainer when it comes to controlling inflammation.

Plus, because exercise stimulates blood flow throughout your body, it’s especially good for your brain because the increased circulation signals the release of a brain chemical called brain-derived neurotrophic factor – or BDNF for short.

BDNF starts the process for new neurons to be formed in the area of the brain involved in memory, learning and decision-making. It also repairs brain cell damage and makes the connections between brain cells stronger.

If you don’t exercise much, your brain may not be producing sufficient BDNF. To increase it, you’ll want to engage in an intense exercise; the greater the intensity, the more likely BDNF production will increase. It has also been suggested that the more frequently you engage in high intensity exercise, the greater the production.

By the way, too much exercise isn’t good for the brain either. The sweet spot? An intense workout lasting no longer than 20-30 mins or a low-intensity workout lasting no longer than 75 mins.

But don’t expect a huge boost from one gym session.

The key is to noticing improvement be consistent. Don’t expect a huge boost in BDNF after just one gym session…it could be months before you see a noticeable increase. Don’t think of BDNF like “endorphins” from exercise – think of it as a protein that increases after months of consistent effort.

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