Burn An Extra 300 Calories By Walking!

If you’re ready for an easy way to blast away 300 extra calories, then listen up to one of the best-kept workout secrets! If you perform 20 mins of brisk walking, you’ll burn roughly 150 calories. But if you add 10 minutes to that walk, and tack on 15 mins of moderate strength training, you’ll increase your caloric burn to 300 calories! That’s a simple technique to shed pounds without depriving yourself! So you absolutely don’t want to miss the FREE 30-minute best-selling walking  audio workout below!

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Part 1 of my 3-Part Lean Walk Mp3 Series

Crush calories and have flatter abs in record time with my best-selling audio walking workout + NEW DVD!



The Lean Walk 3-Pack CDs Includes:

This fan-favorite walking program designed to help you achieve hard-to-reach goals and break through frustrating plateaus. Featuring original music and my motivational coaching, each of the three Lean Walk CDs rotate through different intensities for maximum variety, calorie burning and muscle toning.

 FastFit DVD Includes:

Let’s face it…life is busier than never before! That’s why I developed the FastFit approach to working out. My FastFit DVD includes five 10-minute workouts designed to give you maximum results in minimum time. Do these routines individually, or combine them for an incredible 50-minute calorie-blasting workout. No matter how much time you have, it all counts and it all adds up to incredible results.

Body Basics – 10 mins

Lays the foundation with simple strengthening exercises that target your abs, legs, buns and arms with effective moves that give you a toned and sexy body.

Total Body Toner – 10 mins

Target your arms, legs, glues and core with modifications to suite your needs and experience level.

Fat Burning Blast – 10 mins

This easy-to-follow routine will get your heart pumping and is designed to give you maximum fat-burning results in minimum time.

Miracle Abs – 10 mins

Trim, tone and tighten your abdominals like never before using the latest techniques to target belly fat and banish the bulge.

Stretch and Flex – 10 mins

Refresh and recharge with this total-energy segment. You’ll wake up your body and de-stress your life.