Say “Bye Bye” To Back Pain With Kettlebells

For some Americans, back pain seems as unavoidable as death and taxes. With 4 out of 5 people suffering from acute, short-term back issues (ranging from trauma to arthritis to everyday aches and pains), many of us assume it’s just inevitable. What we often DON’T assume is that our back health is within our own control. And what’s even more surprising: One of the most powerful tools to eliminate back pain is…drumroll please: The kettlebell.

Let’s take a closer look at how and why:

1. It’s all about the core.

Back pain can be blamed on a host of causes, from muscle imbalance to bad posture, from weight issues to sleeping position. But experts agree that the real solution lies, quite literally, at the core. That’s where we create stability in our bodies, and it’s where all movement originates. So if that area is weak, you’re setting yourself up for trouble. But when you start to strengthen that core, you’re already on the road to a better back.

2. It’s all about the movement.

Sometimes treating back pain is counterintuitive, because in some cases bed rest can cause more harm than good. If you suffer from back pain, you should always talk to a doctor, of course, but chances are good that he or she will recommend an exercise routine rather than simply resting. A recent New York Times article highlighted the power of kettlebells when it comes to treating back and shoulder pain. In one Danish study, a group of middle-aged women saw their back pain reduced by 57 percent after training with kettlebells for just 8 weeks.

3. It’s all about convenience.

You’ve probably heart me say it before, but kettlebells are no longer just for extreme bodybuilders at the gym. I created my Kettlebell Solution so that anyone can experience the benefits of kettlebells from the comfort of their own living room. And those benefits go far beyond back strengthening. The twisting, swinging and thrusting motions used in kettlebell training are full-body sculptors, not to mention major calorie and fat burners.