Release Pain with Mindfulness Exercises


If you have ever experienced pain…either physical or emotional, you’ve likely tried more remedies than you can count. But, here’s a treatment option you may not have tried…mindful meditation. 

Recharge today with this 20-MIN MINDFULNESS AUDIO. It will guide you through a relaxing story about a wooded path into a secret forest with wonderful imagery. On your journey, your pain…whether physical or emotional…will seem less important. The more you listen, the more powerful the technique.

Studies have demonstrated the benefits on the positive impact that meditation techniques can have on your pain and brain. Here are a few scientific findings… 

•  The 20-minute miracle
A 20-minute meditation three days a week can significantly reduce your perception of pain. As a bonus, meditation can also encourage a restful state of mind…one that is open, present and nonjudgmental.

•  The effects linger! 
You can still experience a reduced perception of pain even after a meditation is over!

• It’s better than distracting yourself.
Meditation was found to be more effective than distractions for producing an overall analgesic effect.

Best Prescription For Joint Pain

Even though it’s delicious, sugar can contribute to joint and muscle soreness throughout the body. It also contributes to fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, liver disease and accelerated aging.

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