Release Pain…Breakthrough Technique!

If you have ever experienced pain…either physical or emotional, you’ve likely tried more remedies than you can count. But, here’s a treatment option you may not have tried…mindful meditation.

A few studies have demonstrated the benefits on the positive impact that meditation techniques can have on your pain and brain. Here are a few scientific findings…

•  The 20-minute miracle
A 20-minute meditation three days a week can significantly reduce your perception of pain

•  The effects linger!
You can still experience a reduced perception of pain even after a meditation is over!

• It’s better than distracting yourself.
Meditation was found to be more effective than distractions for producing an overall analgesic effect.

Here’s what some people say about trying mindful meditations:

“My mind was not on my pain at all. I was really relaxed and pain free. I’ve never experienced anything like this before.” – Teresa

“I often relax enough to fall asleep by the end.” – Kim

Recharge today with this FREE 20-MIN MINDFULNESS AUDIO. It will guide you through a relaxing story about a wooded path into a secret forest with wonderful imagery. On your journey, your pain…whether physical or emotional…will seem less important. The more you listen, the more powerful the technique.