Re-boost Your Libido By Honoring Your Energy Cycles

Remember sex? If your libido could use a boost, or if you’d like to rediscover a deeper connection with your partner, or just have more fun in bed, then you’re in the right place. The libido recharging video in today’s blog offers a variety of ideas to help you make your sex life sizzle. In today’s video, you’ll discover how it feels to be sensually alive and truly in your body.

Your body has natural rhythms, or energy cycles. When you become aware of them you can use them to your advantage, especially when it comes to sexual activity.Your body tells you when it needs food or sleep. When you’re restless, your body is telling you it needs to move. Maybe you consider yourself a “morning person” or a “night owl.”

All aspects of our well-being flow in cycles. Start to notice the patterns of your day — what time of day you’re most “ready” for exercise, critical thinking, creative work, sex, sleep, and so on. Connecting to your energy cycles and your partner’s energy cycles will allow you to have a killer sex life.

It takes time to spot the patterns that hold clues to your well-being, but soon you’ll recognize how you live in your body, rather than in spite of it.

Your inner clock is governed by chemical processes in the human body that synchronize themselves to the light–dark cycle of the environment. Understanding your cycle will help you in everything you do. Everybody has an individual energy cycle with some shared similarities. Talk to your partner about energy cycles and suggest the two of you tackle this project together as a way to maximize the best in both of you to get the sparks flying.

Review this typical energy cycle for ideas to take advantage of your and your partner’s cycles as they relate to sexual intimacy:

1. Upon waking your body temperature and metabolic rate rise and sex hormones are at their peak. Cortisol levels are at their highest level when you awake, so your energy level will be high. What does all that add up to? A sexually charged start to your day. The feel good hormones, like oxytocin, that are released afterward can keep you in a good mood all day.

2. Through the mid-morning your energy cycle keeps you highly alert. This is the best time for activities requiring critical thinking and concentration. Take advantage of this time to plan a romantic date night.

3. After lunch your energy and alertness plummet as body temperature drops. For many, an afternoon nap is a refreshing, natural response to this energy cycle. Coordinate a couple’s nap to build intimacy.

 4. In the mid to late afternoon your body temperature and energy rise again and mental faculties return. Work on your to-do list to reduce stress that could get in the way of connecting with your partner later.

5. Your body is at a metabolic peak in the late afternoon. This is a good time to exercise and then eat dinner. Sex is a great cardio exercise and, like all exercise, is better before a big meal. Blood flows to the stomach and away from the genitals after eating, which results in weaker erections for men and less arousal and lubrication for women

6. Energy and metabolism drop in the evening. Melatonin levels rise about two hours before bed to prepare our bodies for sleep. If you’re feeling relaxed at bedtime, spend a few moments cuddling with your partner to see where it leads. Even if sleep is the result for both of you, you’re strengthening intimacy.

Knowing and, more importantly, respecting your body’s daily energy map is a great way to fully enjoy sex, make yourself more productive, improve the effectiveness of exercise, and, in general, increase your enjoyment of life.