Peak Your Fat Burn!

“I used the Functionally Fit Peak Fat Burning workout in the Super Slimdown Circuit DVD to lose 15 pounds and 4 inches off my waist. I love this workout!” – Susan

’90s fitness fads had their ups and their downs…from step aerobics to rollerblading to Tae Bo to functional fitness. But just like neon spandex, all decent fitness trends need a comeback.

That’s why today, on Throwback Thursday, I wanted to share with you a 2-minute video clip from one of my favorite ’90s workouts….Functionally Fit Peak Fat Burning. Because of the HIIT training in this routine, the workout engages more muscle fibers and burns more calories! As a bonus, it heats up your metabolism for hours after your workout!

The Super Slimdown Circuit DVD Includes 3 Complete Workouts:

  • Functionally Fit Peak Fat Burning (1996) -This fan-favorite workout begins with a 6-minute warm-up that leads into a 25-minute interval training workout for all levels (easy, medium and hard). The extended 7-minute cool-down and stretch are the perfect capper to this challenging routine. The workout will engage more muscle fibers and burn more calories! As a bonus, you’ll heat up your metabolism for hours after your workout!
  •  Secrets Of A Great Upper Body (1993) – Define your arms, chest! A brisk 5-minute warm-up gets you ready for the 28-minute main event: a total upper body toning workout! A 5-minute stretch winds things down and guides you into your day.
  •   Secrets Of A Great Lower Body (1993) – Tone your glutes, firm your thighs, and burn fat all day long with these powerful lower-body strength training workouts.