Pack Your Plate With These Veggies!


You probably know by now that eating a hearty amount of vegetables and fruits is forefront in getting fit and staying healthy. Nutritious foods serve many purposes– everything from slimming down for bikini season to helping reducing your risk of heart disease. These super foods are great additions to your meals because you can eat them in large amounts, get full quickly and pack your body with nutrients! Unfortunately, not all fruits and vegetables are created equal. Today, I’ll guide you in picking the ones to pile high on your plate and the ones to eat in moderation.

How To Avoid Calorie Overload

I categorize fruit and veggie choices by volume: The more water and fiber a food has, the higher its volume (see chart below). The more sugar (and thus – calories) a food has, the lower its volume. High-volume items supply the most food with the fewest calories, so you can eat more without risking a calorie overload. Raw leafy greens like broccoli, cabbage and salad greens are high-volume veggies, whereas bananas, peaches and cantaloupe are lower volume fruits (see the chart below).

If you want more food, opt for more high-volume foods first. This will allow you to satisfy that urge to chew without overindulging in calories. Aim to have two servings of vegetables at every meal, but don’t be afraid to load up on high-volume veggies. It is hard to overeat in this category because you will fill up fast!

Here’s to your health!
Kathy Smith