NEW STUDY – Strength Training Can Add Years To Your Life!

You’ve heard it before…strength training boosts your metabolism, burns a bunch of calories, and helps reduce your risk of injury. But if you needed one more reason to grab a pair of dumbbells, listen to this… A new study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology found that strength training can add years to your life, and is just as important…if not MORE important…than cardio.

The study from the University of Sydney found a relation to strength training and a lower death rate of all causes, including heart disease and cancer. Specifically, the risk of early death from cancer decreased by 31%, and the risk from any other cause was lowered by 23%.

So go on, try today’s strength training video! In this short 1-minute routine, I’ll guide you through a weighted lunge with bicep curl and balance. That’s right…it’s a functional move that focuses on many muscle groups at one time to move your body like it does in everyday life, while shortening the time you spend exercising. Let’s get strength training!