New Science How Yoga Boosts Your Immune System

After age 40, a strong immune system is more important than ever before. And new research shows that practicing yoga 1-2 times a week can help.

The study reveals that women who performed a regular yoga routine had lower blood levels of the inflammatory protein interleukin-6 than the non-yogis.

Since the participants who did yoga had lower levels of inflammatory cells, they were less subject to internal irritation that damages the immune system.

Here’s why this is critical…

After age 40, your immune system steadily begins to decline, due to the number of T lymphocytes dropping tenfold….These are the white blood cells that help your body fight viruses and bacteria. With new production T lymphocytes diminishing, your immune system is more susceptible to unfamiliar bugs.

You can boost your immune system through a regular yoga routine right from your living room.

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