Burn Belly Fat Like A Pro

There’ s no better time than spring to lace up your running shoes and start hitting the pavement. Regardless of your current fitness level, using a run/walk method, or what I call “Gonzo training,” can lose belly fat like a pro.

1.     The Happy Face Pace – At this level, you can carry a conversation, laugh and have an enjoyable chat.

2.     The Determined Face Pace – At this level, it’s harder to carry on a conversation.

3.     The Gonzo Face Pace – At this level you give it all and start counting down the seconds until you can pull back and continue the Happy Face Pace once again.

Here’s an example of how you can put it all together for an effective Gonzo workout: Warm up for 5 minutes to get your body loose and moving. Then, 30 seconds Happy Face Pace, 30 seconds Determined Face Pace and 60-90 seconds Gonzo Face Pace. Repeat at least 5 times

Going Gonzo on a regular basis will burn that hard-to-beat belly fat. Switching to those lower-intensity levels will allow you to avoid fatigue and effectively exercise for a longer duration of time.  So lace up those shoes and start Going Gonzo!

Here’s to your health!
Kathy Smith