Let The Music Move You

When I hear a fun, up-tempo song like “Pump It” by The Black Eyed Peas, I can’t help but start moving. I don’t break out in dance (at least not every time), but I pick up my step, or if I’m working out, I kick up the intensity. It’s kind of like tapping your foot or snapping your fingers when a favorite song comes on the radio; it’s automatic and even a reflex. That response is why music is such an awesome exercise tool.

Scientists have discovered that our brains react to music with a boost in electrical activity in the areas that coordinate movement. The rhythm literally tells our brain to get moving, and more than just a little toe tapping. This physiological reaction has some very positive effects on exercising:

  • Music Stimulates
    We naturally fall in time to the beat, so if you’re working out to a fast-paced song, you’ll speed up your moves. A playlist of both fast and mellow songs is great for interval training. When the song changes, that’s your cue to change your intensity level.
  • Music Motivates
    Researchers believe music helps people exercise harder and longer by intercepting thoughts about how much effort an exercise requires or how tired we are. When these messages can’t be heard over the melody, we exercise longer.


So crank up your favorite tracks and get moving. Also, check out my Calorie Burning Workout playlist on Spotify if you’re searching for song suggestions:

What are your favorite songs to exercise to? Tell me in the comments below!

Here's to your health!