Keep Calm and Stretch On!

There’s a strong correlation between our stress and energy levels, and our breath. Today, take 2 minutes to breath your way to peaceful vitality with this breath exercise:

  • Close your eyes, and breathe comfortably for a moment.
  • Imagine the feature that bothers you. See it clearly in your mind. Make the picture as vivid and real as you can—see it in a real setting, with specific sounds and lighting and associated details.
  • Now begin to see a box around the scene, like the frame around a picture. Imagine the frame shrinking, and watch the picture shrink as the frame closes in. Make it smaller, smaller, smaller, until it seems miles away and the sounds are lost in an echo, as at the bottom of a well.
  • Imagine it continuing to shrink until—poof!—it vanishes.
  • Immediately call to mind a happy memory, with all its associated details. Fully see this happy scene in vivid color, filling the screen in your brain.
  • Now smile broadly and open your eyes.
  • Practice this visualization regularly.

Feeling invigorated? Continue your breath work with the 10-minute stretching segment below (clip from my Body Boomers DVD). This routine can be both energizing and calming while teaching you to focus on the moment-to-moment experience of being in your body.

Video clip from my Body Boomers DVD