Release of two new titles of Kathy Smith

Kathy Smith has long been regarded as America’s Trainer, and with the September release of two new titles, Kathy Smith Matrix Method: Power Walk for Weight Loss and Kathy Smith Matrix Method: Ultimate Sculpt, Smith brings a true trainer’s workout into America’s homes. With the nation’s growing obesity concerns and a baby-boomer generation more active than ever, the series is perfect for people looking for simple and effective workouts that go far beyond conventional programs.

Matrix Method

You don’t have to have a personal trainer or buy fancy equipment for optimum training, says Smith. With the Matrix Method, both novices and veterans are rewarded with rapid and visible results by using a series of integrated exercises that strengthen and tone the entire body to burn more calories and fat in less time. You’ll not only reap big weight loss rewards, but also you’ll notice the results when you’re doing things around the house like lifting groceries or playing with the kids. It’s like everything becomes a little easier and a little more effortless!

Innovative DVD Series

Kathy Smith’s new Matrix Method DVD series is innovative because it emphasizes the integration of muscle groups, rather than the isolation commonly found in many workouts. The Matrix Method works the body across a wide variety of planes of motion, as opposed to the traditional front to back or side-to side movements. The result is that all muscles are targeted for stunning tone, strength and all over symmetry, as well as increased energy and vitality like never before.

Integrating for Life:

In Kathy Smith’s Matrix Method, both large and small muscle groups are worked together for the ultimate body definition and calorie burning. Traditional bicep curls, for example, might be done in unison with lunges or squats. Deep plies might be performed in tandem with military presses. As a result of this muscle multi-tasking, calories are burned faster and the body is toned and defined in less time. And the dividends go well beyond the visible as the body becomes better equipped for the demands of daily life and less prone to injury.

Round the Clock Fitness:

In Kathy Smith’s Matrix Method, Smith references a clock as a visual to help direct people through different planes of motion and to ensure accurate foot placement and body alignment. Throughout the workout, they’ll be bending, twisting, reaching, lunging and lifting in many directions 2 o’clock and 10 o’clock, or back toward 4 o’clock and 8 o’clock, for example. By hitting all these points on the clock, students shape those forgotten muscles that lead to better strength and fitness.

Welcome to the No Crunch Zone:

Many students will be delighted to learn that Matrix Method produces sleek, flat abs without the dreaded crunches found in most exercise routines. Smith’s standing abs and crunch-free floor routine holds the core strong while performing various bending, reaching and rotational movements in a variety of directions. As a result, balance “controlled in part by the abdominals and back muscles” is also improved.

Kathy Smith Matrix Method: Power Walk for Weight Loss

Walking is the most universal form of exercise, and when performed consistently, is an effective and safe way to burn calories. With her Power Walk for Weight Loss, Smith takes walking to the next level. Now, consumers can achieve beautiful body tone and symmetry by incorporating directional changes into their walking routines. Stepping around Smith’s matrix-clock as they walk, students work all the angles of their legs, butt, arms, shoulders and core for a body that is slim, strong, and vibrant. The DVD features a 30-minute walking interval workout that alternates matrix-walking and Cardio Core segments. During this section, balance and coordination are challenged, muscles are fired up, and the metabolism enjoys a giant boost. Next comes a fun 10-minute interval that builds on the moves already learned and lets students incorporate a little dance-y flair into the steps. The last 10 minutes feature Smith’s innovative techniques for shaping and defining abs and back with absolutely no crunches. The workout finishes with a relaxing, rejuvenating stretch sequence to lengthen the muscles.

Kathy Smith Matrix Method: Ultimate Sculpt

Smith shares the latest, cutting-edge techniques used by the country’s top personal trainers with her new Ultimate Sculpting System. This workout goes a step beyond traditional weight training by integrating all the muscles of your body together, rather than just isolating one muscle group at a time. In this program, muscle groups are worked as a unit for a powerful payoff in terms of tone, symmetry, definition and calorie burning all in less time. The centerpiece of the DVD is a 30 minute interval training sequence alternating between total body moves and core conditioning exercise. And true to Smith’s promise, this is the No Crunch Zone, where the abdominals and back are shaped and strengthened with new techniques. The section is followed by 10 minutes of focus on the core, and finally a generous 10 minutes of stretching to lengthen the muscles.

Kathy Smith’s Matrix Method DVD series made its debut in stores everywhere in September 2006. Matrix Method is the latest release from Smith’s extensive library, which boasts more than 40 videos and DVDs that have sold 16 million copies worldwide many of which are being re-released on DVD this year.