Workout Motivator!


Fact… You feel more alert and productive on days when you workout in the morning! It’s no coincidence… exercising revs up your metabolism and amps up the rate at which you burn calories throughout the day. So if you’ve had a long weekend and the snooze button is calling your name this morning, try these 3 ways to get a Monday morning workout edge!

1. Snap out of a funk with a visualization
When you wake up in the morning, tune into today’s visualization, “The Workout Motivator!” Within minutes, you’ll start feeling more clarity, more focus, and more motivated to workout. To get started, press play on this 10-minute audio to help you jumpstart your day! It might just be what you need on a Monday morning to rev up your engines!
2. Listen to a podcast to distract you from the clock

These downloadable radio-on-demand shows have exploded lately, because you couldn’t ask for a more perfect workout buddy. Podcasts make the time speed by while keeping your mind engaged and learning. You don’t want to miss Diana Nyad’s episode where she shares what it’s like to push past your limits… and how she did that on her historic swim from Cuba to Florida.

3. Set a date with a friend

You’re less likely to sleep in when your friend is meeting you at the gym! So, make plans to go to an early morning spin or tennis class! Always make sure you have a few workout buddies, so if one cancels, you don’t have an excuse to skip the gym! And don’t forget, I can be your workout buddy!