Summer’s almost here!

Have “bathing-suit ready” thighs and buns in record time with the Stay Firm Lower Body Kit – now 60% OFF!




The Stay Firm Lower Body Kit Includes:

  • Ankle Cuff Resistance Band: Strap on this comfortable ankle cuff resistance band and get moving with me! Adding resistance to your workout helps lift and tighten your buns and thighs and restores your overall strength and balance. Adding strength training increases your calorie burn and helps you lose weight in time for summer!
  • Stay Firm Lower Body DVD: The 30-minute Stay Firm Lower Body DVD is split up into two 15-minute segments, Tight Thighs and Bottom Up, which incorporates strength training techniques with the ankle cuff resistance band to make over your lower body in two weeks!



What people are saying about my Stay Firm Lower Body Kit:

“What a surprise! I started using the ankle cuffs in Kathy Smith’s Lower Body Workout and in two weeks, I noticed a difference in my butt!”

“I’ve made over my lower body – and had a blast doing it! It’s truly unbelievable!”\

“I always hated my lower body. But not anymore, thanks to Kathy Smith’s Lower Body Kit!”