Burn 300 Calories In 20 Minutes With Kettlebells


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If you’ve glanced at the intimidating kettlebells at your gym and couldn’t fathom a practical use for them, keep reading.

A shocking new study found that people who performed a 20-min kettlebell workout blasted almost 300 calories! And that’s just for starters! Don’t forget to factor in the muscle-toning impact, and how muscle burns more calories throughout the day.

If you’re looking to tone your buns, add definition to your legs, tighten your belly or sculpt your arms, I’ll show you exactly how to be saved by the bell (kettlebell, that is).

What are kettlebells?

Kathy Smith KettlebellsCreated in the Scottish Highlands and popularized by Russian bodybuilders, kettlebells are round weights with a handle on top for an easier grip. Unlike dumbbells, their unique shape allows you to use a fuller range of motion when performing certain exercises, providing a versatile, fun and effective workout.

If you’re worried these weights will transform you into looking like a body builder, don’t fear! Sleek and slim celebrity fans of kettlebell workouts include Jessica Biel, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, Penelope Cruz, and Kim Cattrall.

What are the benefits of kettlebells?

First, kettlebells provide all the basic benefits of traditional strength training: improved muscle tone, stronger bones, better posture, higher metabolism, and fewer aches and pains.

But there’s more: When used properly, kettlebells engage your core throughout every movement, which not only protects you from injury, but turns every exercise into a sculpting, toning, waist whittler. And most of the movements in kettlebell training incorporate multiple muscle groups at once, targeting the arms, shoulders, abs, glutes, and legs in one workout.

And here’s the best part: The high-repetition, swinging, twisting, full-body movements used in kettlebell training combine the muscle-building benefits of strength training with the fat-burning benefits of aerobic exercise. That means you’re burning more calories in less time.

Also, kettlebells make traditional dumbbell moves more difficult. Because the weight isn’t evenly distributed, your stabilizer muscles have to work overtime, which adds even more toning to your entire body.

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Can I still get an effective workout with lighter kettlebells?

I’ve seen a lot of women shy away from this type of training because they associate kettlebells with the grunting, sweating bodybuilders they’ve seen hoisting heavy weights around the gym. Starting with lighter weights is safer…especially as you’re learning new moves. You can always increase the weight of the kettlebell as you get stronger and perfect your movement style. Regardless of your fitness level or age, for that matter, you can still reap the sculpting, fat-burning benefits of kettlebell training using lighter weights and then graduating to heavier ones.

Want a sneak peek?

One of the biggest mistakes that beginners make with kettlebell training is not learning the technique from a proper trainer. If you’re making up simple moves on the fly, there’s a good chance you’re missing out on all the incredible three-dimensional movements that this powerful tool is designed for. That’s exactly why I developed my Kettlebell Solution DVD with Mia Finnegan. Mia is a nationally-ranked gymnast, and is past Ms. Natural Universe, Fitness America Pageant National Champion, Ms. Galaxy Fitness, and Ms. Olympia Fitness (just to name a few of her accomplishments!). 

Ready to get started? Watch the 2-minute clip below that delivers leaner legs and a shapely backside while sculpting a flatter midsection. 

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