7 Proven Ways To Get A Good Night’s Sleep During Menopause

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When you’re going through menopause, getting a good night’s sleep can sound like an impossible dream! There you are…tossing and turning with hot flashes and insomnia. Maybe you’re waking up at 3 am, like I used to, and can’t get back to sleep, causing you to be irritable and short-tempered the next day.

So how do you get a good night’s sleep during menopause? Here are 7 tips that have worked for thousands of women, and they work for me too:

Moderate Aerobic Activity

Studies have shown that if you incorporate moderate aerobic activity into your schedule four times a week, you will sleep better…even during menopause! As as bonus, you’ll notice elevated moods and feeling more relaxed during the evening. The key is to time your workout earlier in the day so you aren’t stimulated with energy before you prepare for sleep. Working out earlier in the day will help calm your body and mind for a restful night.

Manage The Room’s Temperature

How do you manage the temperature in the room you sleep in? Cooler is better, especially if you’re having hot flashes. To do this, try opening up the window to get some fresh air circulating through the room. If you need to, turn on the air conditioner. Either way, manage temperature in your room!

Disconnect From Electronics

Disconnecting before you go to bed helps increase your melatonin levels (the sleep hormone). Around 7 pm, turn off your electronics, stop answering emails, and start to unwind.

Pamper Yourself

This is my favorite tip…and will probably be yours too 🙂 Before you slip into your sheets, treat yourself like a newborn baby. Take a warm bath, lather on your favorite creme or lotion, and play relaxing music. Make it a ritual…just like brushing your teeth!

Set A Schedule And Stick To It!

It’s easy to run on a perfectly-timed schedule all week long, and then stay up late on the weekend. The problem with this is that staying up late on the weekends (or any day) throws off your sleep cycle for the week ahead.

Cut Down On Caffeine 8 Hours In Advance

This is a big one! Caffeine can come from coffee, green tea, sodas and even chocolate! You want to be conscious to cut the caffeine eight hours before your bedtime. This will allow you to relax into the night.

Release The Weight Of The Day

If you go to bed uptight, it will be harder to get a restful sleep. Unwind and relax before your bedtime with a gratitude list so you can release all of the weight of the day and have a good night’s sleep.

Here’s to your health!