Congratulations on downloading one of my MP3s! Stick to them and they can change your life. 

Here's instructions on how to download your files:

1. Open your email to your order confirmation. (The subject will be something along the lines of, " New Order #1000XXXX")

2. The end of the email will have a breakdown of what you ordered. Next to the audio's name, click on the hyperlink that says "download."

3. (See second picture) You will be directed to login at Login with the details you used when you ordered.

4. (See last picture) A page will open up on that shows all of the downloadable products that you've ordered. Click the names of each item to download each one.

5. When you click the name of a product, a popup will appear. Click where you want the file to save (I recommend you download it to your desktop for easier access). Click "download." 

6. Find the file on your computer where you saved it (in step 5). Drag into your iTunes to play!



Steps 1-2:




Step 3:




Steps 4-6: