Getting Better All The Time!

One of the questions I frequently I get asked is, “Kathy, how do you stay consistent with eating clean and moving your body on a regular basis?” The key is to approach life with the objective of just getting better all the time.

Living a life focused on getting better all the time will never fail you, whether in times of crisis or in times of joy. Once you start making wellness a lifestyle and incorporating healthy principles into the fabric of your life, they will become second nature and serve you well. My sincerest hope is that you’ll always believe in your power to change and that you’ll never forget that you have the power of choice.

But please, be patient. Getting better all the time is an ongoing process. Life isn’t easy, nor is it perfect. But of course, people aren’t perfect either. All of us have to deal constantly with ups and downs as we ride life’s roller coaster.

As with amusement park roller coasters, we have a choice: enjoy the ride, or close our eyes in fear. I prefer to enjoy it, or at least to stay in the moment. Adopting a healthy and nutritious eating plan, and exercising regularly has made my ride so much easier and infinitely more enjoyable. I know it can do the same for you, too. Gone will be that white-knuckling gripping tot he sides of the roller coaster.

You have the power to change — to look on the bright side rather than the dark side, to embrace success rather than failure. It’s time to assume control of your life, to brainstorm solutions to your problems rather than throw up your hands in despair, and to take action steps necessary to achieve your goals rather than staying stuck in the mud of hopelessness.

By committing yourself to healthy, nutritious eating — an integral part of your lifestyle — you’ll stop thinking of food as the enemy. And you’ll no longer have to struggle with “dieting.”

And remember that regular exercise is essential for both peace of mind and optimal health. IT’s never too late to start an exercise regimen that works for you, and that you can work into your life. If you do, I promise that you’ll experience breakthroughs in countless other areas of your life.

Remember to maintain the confidence that, with commitment, positive changes will occur in your life in ways you could never have imagined. Remember, life is a process…and so is getting better all the time….no matter what your age.