Get A Check-Up From The Neck Up!


It seems like every day, there’s a new fad in fitness and health – a new superfood or workout that’s guaranteed to improve your overall wellbeing! Many of these – the ones that work – are great. But being healthy and aging gracefully doesn’t require a fancy gym membership or a no carb, juicer friendly diet. All it takes is neuroplasticity training.

There’s an old trope in the fitness business. You’ve heard it on every infomercial: “This isn’t just about changing your body. It’s about changing your mind!” Or “You’ll love how you look… but you’ll also love how you feel.” It’s almost lost its meaning – it just sounds like a line. But new research about the connection between what we do with our bodies and how it affects our brains has redefined the way that we think of mind/body connection.

A lot of this boils down to “neuroplasticity.” Neuroplasticity is about training your brain, and how your brain can actually rewire itself in response to certain experiences.

Humans are creatures of habit – right? So the older we get, the more habits and patterns we form. In many ways, our brains are similar to the Grand Canyon. Our thoughts and habits are the Colorado River, flowing constantly, creating new pathways that ultimately shape this incredible natural wonder. Your thoughts have the same effect on your brain as the Colorado River has on the Grand Canyon.

We’ve established these pathways that have become automatic – whether they’re about fear or anxiety – and what we’re seeing now is that, unlike the Grand Canyon, you can reprogram your brain – and it all starts with exercise. We’re learning that you can train the brain just like you train a muscle. But we’re not just talking about flash cards and Sudoku. Research shows us that physical exercise is the #1 thing you can be doing to improve your brain, and you can improve neuroplasticity by COMBINING brain exercises with physical exercises.

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