Importance of Milk

Kathy Smith is joining the National Milk Mustache got milk Campaign

Kathy Smith, long regarded as America’s Trainer, is pleased to announce that she is joining the National Milk Mustache got milk campaign in January.

Raising Awareness of Milk’s Role in Healthy Weight Loss:

Kathy Smith participation in the popular campaign is timely given the campaign goal of raising awareness of milk’s role in supporting healthy weight loss. Nationwide exposure will include print advertisements in key health & fitness publications such as Fitness, Self, Shape and Weight Watchers magazines, and the campaign will also reach tens of millions of consumers across numerous platforms, including high-profile in-store displays and an extensive public relations effort. This campaign also introduces a revolutionary web-based application that people can download onto their desktops, allowing them to be trained by Kathy Smith using the same techniques found in her new Matrix Method DVDs, available at

Kathy Smith’s newest DVDs, Kathy Smith Matrix Method: Ultimate Sculpt and Kathy Smith Matrix Method: Power Walk for Weight Loss, reveal the best ways to get in shape using an integrated workout approach advocated by the world’s best fitness trainers. Both titles release just in time for the holidays and New Year’s resolutions.

What’s special about the campaign:

What’s special about the campaign is that it encourages people to pay attention not only to what they eat, but what they drink as well, says Smith, a long-time proponent of drinking milk. Many people don’t realize that what they drink impacts their health, and a healthy diet and exercise regimen that includes milk is important.

Kathy Smith has sold close to 20 million fitness videos worldwide, has numerous books in print, and is singularly associated with the benefits of exercise and diet. With all of Smith’s fitness and nutrition experience, the partnership is a perfect complement to her mission, which is to get everyone engaged in a healthy and fun lifestyle.

We realize that diet and exercise go hand-in-hand when it comes to healthy weight loss, says Kurt Graetzer, CEO of the Milk Processor Education Program, creators of the popular milk mustache got milk? campaign. That’s why we’re excited to partner with a credible fitness trainer like Kathy Smith to drive home the importance of exercise and a healthy diet that includes low fat or fat free milk.

About MilkPEP:

The Milk Processor Education Program (MilkPEP), Washington, D.C., is funded by the nation’s milk processors, who are committed to increasing fluid milk consumption. The MilkPEP Board runs the national Milk Mustache “got milk?” Campaign, a multi-faceted campaign designed to educate consumers about the health benefits of milk. For more information, go to The tagline “got milk?”was created for the California Milk Processor Board by Goodby Silverstein & Partners and is licensed by the national milk processor and dairy producer groups.